Genealogy Case Study:

Carol - Exploring the Maternal Line and the Significance of Places

When tracing a family tree many people look at their Father’s side in the first instance. We generally get our Father’s surname at birth so it’s effectively tracing our own name. The maternal line is however just as valid and interesting.

Mum’s the word

Carol was interested in both sides of the family but wanted to look at her Mother’s ancestors first. A Mother’s birth given surname was likely replaced by marriage so looking at the maternal line is a great way to celebrate that name and it’s origins.

‘Family trees are nearly always about the father’s side so I thought it would be quite nice to do my mother’s.

I’m thinking as time goes on it would nice to look at my Dad’s, I just fancied doing my Mums this time as not many people do.

All I had to give Sam was my Mum’s maiden name and her date of birth so it was amazing, she found everything out. She’s gone back seven generations so it’s incredible. Sam was very good; there was very little she needed to come back to me with. I thought there would be more questions but she just got on with it.’

Renewed Significance of Places

When wandering around a city it’s easy to forget the historical connection we have with our surroundings. For Carol, it’s been interesting getting to know a new city that’s been well known and enjoyed by her family. Knowing where her Mother’s ancestors lived from her family tree has added a new level of exploration.

‘I knew my Mum and Dad came from Nottingham originally. I didn’t live there as a child because my father was in the air force so we moved around a great deal.

Having just moved back to Nottingham from Norwich it’s interesting to find out where my Mum’s family all originate from: the different roads, streets and areas. It’s made me imagine when I walk somewhere how they used to walk in the same places.

I now have lists of all the places my Mum’s ancestors lived and I can go and have a look to see if the houses are still standing because it’s an area that’s changed quite a lot. It’s nice to know where they all were.

A lot of my Mum’s relatives worked in the lace factories. Nottingham is famous for lace, they call it a lace market though it isn’t a market as such. There are all these massive beautiful buildings that were old factories. A lot of my family worked in the lace industry as many people did back then.’

It’s all in the Detail

Genealogy is not just about names and dates: it’s about people. We like to provide as much information as we can about key ancestors and the events that shaped their lives.

‘When Sam handed the information to me, I couldn’t believe the amount she’d gleaned: jobs, dates of birth, where they were living. The amount of research Sam must have done to get all this was incredible. She’d typed out information about each person: who they married, where they got married, where they’d moved. Sam did amazing reports on my Granddad’s military records too. I’ve got four brothers and a sister so we’re all interested in this and have snippets we can add in. It’s excellent information and has had an impact for the whole family.’

Final thoughts from Carol…

‘I’ve shown friends my family tree and they’ve been intrigued, asking me to find out if Sam can do one for them. It’s a revelation to find out where you come from and what was going on in your family before your lifetime. Sam is so much fun to talk to and she makes you feel at ease. The information is laid out beautifully so it’s really good stuff. I would highly recommend Sam.’

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